Need Help Managing Overflow?

Wishing Well Greeter

The Wishing Well Greeter was developed to helped create harmony on the salesfloor, capture unsold customer information, enhance customer experience, and of course help you dramatically increase sales.

How’s It Work?

  • Customer will be greeted with a special offer that will entice them to sign in.
  • Customer’s will check-in using their own photo.
  • They will be asked to enter the following information.
    • What they’re interested in
    • Name, cell phone #, and zip-code
    • What motivated them to come in. (type of advertising)
    • Which salesperson would they like to speak to, or they can select next available
  • After the customer is assigned to the salesperson. Their data will be stored in the salesperson’s data base, so they can easily access their information and provide the appropriate follow-up.

The solution offers so much more, so if you’re interested in how this can dramatically improve your retail store’s performance! Then schedule a demo today!

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