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In today’s business world including the retail industry, being able to track your business with accurate analytics are essential to business success and growth. With the help of retail traffic counters and being able to run analytical reports in regards to these numbers, business and store owners can begin to dig deep into their business marketing, sales, and traffic patterns to maximize revenues and minimize expenses. The numbers and data provided by the TRAX people counting system and CRM can be beneficial to many aspects of your retail business.

Recognize Traffic Patterns

For retailers, foot traffic is essential to the success of the business. With the TRAXsystem you can accurately track traffic for the day, week or year as well as compare the data to the same periods in the past. By understanding the reports generated by these analytics, business owners can make informed and intelligent decisions about the everyday activities that make their business.  Without being able to accurately track this traffic with people counters you are making decisions based on guesses and not fact.  A smart business owner will never base the success of their business on what they “think” is happening.

Make Informed Staffing Decisions

Much of the overhead of a retail business is the staff working the sales floor. By accurately tracking the retail traffic patterns with people counters, business owners can learn a lot about how they should schedule the employees working the floor and ensure that the business $s for payroll are being used wisely. By using the TRAX sales system you can determine which days, times and months get the most foot traffic into the store. With this information you can make the appropriate  staffing decisions that will greatly increase customer service and maximize sales revenue.

Understand the Impacts of Marketing and Promotions

Most retail businesses commonly run special promotions and other marketing campaigns. If you are not properly equipped with a people counter it can be difficult to track the campaign’s impact. By installing the TRAXsales people tracking system, you can track how many people came into the store at any given time and see the impact that marketing and promotions have on the overall traffic to the store. Those insights can add further context to raw sales numbers and help you to determine whether certain marketing and promotions are giving you the return on investment you require.

The retail sector in the business world is about more than furniture, clothes, consumer goods and electronics. It’s about determining the best way to make your customers happy and increase the number of clients walking through your doors, by providing them with great customer service and choosing marketing that impacts their buying habits.

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