What Are The Different Type of Retail Traffic Counter Technology?

Being able to measure the number of people entering retail stores has become one of the most important ways to improve customer experience and to monitor the effect of both in-store changes as well as advertising campaigns. The information that the correct people counter can offer provides important insight into performance, patterns and trends that are key for implementing the best retail strategy for your store.

Over the past decade there have been some impressive technological advancements, which means there are more ways than ever to understand retail store traffic but which ones offer the best results?

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When it comes to the most products in the market they will use one of two types of technology to operate; infrared or smartphone counting.

Infrared technology is used by many of the traffic counting companies in the market. With this system it will count all people going both in and out of your location. If you have a sales person, delivery person or another employee that comes into your store they will be counted in the system. Groups of people are normally counted as one person which will give you a skewed count, defeating the purpose of the traffic counting system all together. The old saying holds true when it comes to this retail traffic counting data; Garbage In/Garbage Out.

The second technology commonly used is smartphone tracking. A consumer survey indicated that, “8 out of 10 shoppers do not want stores to track their movements via smartphone” and “nearly half (43%) of shoppers are less likely to shop at a favorite retailer if the brand implements a smart phone tracking program.” To go along with this only about 68% of adults actually have a smartphone, so they will not be counted when they come into your retail location. In essence there are two results from using this kind of traffic counting system; you will drive away clients or you will get inaccurate counts. Neither of these options are positive for a retail owner and operator.

These negatives in technology have a solution at approximately the same or lower market price. The TraxSales system retail traffic counter system avoids these downfalls.

Instead of using the smartphone tracking or infrared technology you are able to use visual proof or photographic data to monitor your retail store traffic. The Visual Proof 2 Traffic Counting System provides accuracy by ONLY counting clients that are coming into the store, giving you photos of the people entering so you can remove any person that is not a client, and counts groups as only 1.

Use of traffic counters in your business and obtaining analytical customer traffic data is of the utmost importance when implementing retail business strategy. But if that data you are collecting is not accurate then you might be making business and marketing decisions that could be a detriment to your sales revenue stream instead of helping it grow.

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