VisualProof™ Retail Traffic Counter

The bottom line is that when you count the number of true customers that your sales team sees every day it creates accountability and when you let TRAX calculate your daily and weekly conversion ratios it guarantees sales improvement. To clarify this point lets assume the average sale amount is $1000 and the average closing ratio is 20%.  This means that each opportunity you see on average is worth $200 (even if they don’t purchase).  Your unsold customers are the most important asset you have.  Don’t let your competition take them from you.

Another benefit our Visual Proof System will provide is additional security that is super easy to monitor and it keeps a permanent record of each human that enters.  We have had more than one customer with very expensive security cameras call us because their cameras only store pictures for one month and they didn’t find out that the credit card was stolen for 45 days.  Please see the pictures below.

You will see that if you scan the pics three at a time you can count all non customer counts in less than 30 seconds and then have a 100% accurate count of true traffic. It really is a great tool that you will be able to access from home 24X7.

I am also including the Upboard which will help all salespeople more easily follow-up with unsold Hot prospective customers.  It creates a daily to do list for every salesperson and automatically prints beautiful thank you letters for all of your unsold hot customers. I guarantee that it takes less than 22 minutes to fully train your entire sales team and we absolutely guarantee that each salesperson on average will make one additional new sale each week if you follow the five basic steps.


TRAX Is Proud to Announce the introduction of Visual Proof that Guarantees 100% accuracy of the traffic counters and provides you an overall profile of your customer base.

We suggest that you scroll through these photo examples three at a time (see below) or however many your screen allows you to see at one time. With practice you can scan over 100 a minute and guarantee 100 % accuracy of your traffic counts and closing ratios. Please note that you will only be able to see one column of pics at a time.

The major benefit is that you will have complete proof of the customer activity and a 100% accurate closing ratio for your company and a foundation that guarantees improvement. Most salespeople look at the traffic counts with disbelief and if a manager can’t start with a solid base of measurement then improvement of this key performance indicator is diluted. Our point is that if you get the foundation right the rest is much easier because there is no question about the numbers.

Trax introduces the only integrated door counter & camera system that guarantees: VisualProof


  • Visual authentication of traffic flow and opportunities
  • Validation of customer opportunity counts guarantees 100% accurate closing ratios and confirms store performance statistics
  • Sophisticated, fast review of customer demographics allows you to know who your customers are!


  • Nothing confirms the accuracy of any data like visual proof.
  • If you don’t believe your computer, you can believe your own eyes!
  • Traffic count information can be surprising and even shocking. Managers sometimes look at newly-available traffic data and simply refuse to believe the data on their screen. Now, seeing is believing!
  • It is common for employees to challenge the accuracy of the TRAX system. Claims are often made that the system is inaccurate because of groups, families, and deliveries.
  • Children have been known to run in and out of stores while parents shop. Unusual numbers are sometimes the result of unusual events.
  • With VisualProof, numbers can be accurately associated with identifiable people. Traffic data and resultant statistics can be adjusted and fine-tuned.
  • You don’t review every picture of every customer, just the exceptional timeframes. You can now see the difference between a child playing and a missed opportunity.
  • Every group of employees includes a few who are not making the effort. Identifying the weak performers, and proving their performance (or lack thereof) is a constant battle for management. Every issue is challenged and argued on every imaginable ground. Litigation is often threatened. But removing poor performers is vital to both your business and the morale of your good employees!

We install a High quality camera system and Linux Server which captures and stores a thumbnail every time anyone trips the beam at the front door. You now have a thumbnail picture of all customer traffic that can be compared to the hourly traffic counter reports.