Upboard Training Video Series

1. Upboard basics, how to use the CRM UpBoard – 7:01 Seconds

2. Every Salesperson Should See This! Salesperson DB

3. How to send emails quickly to sold or unsold customers – 5:01 Seconds

4. How the Import from POS IFPOS works – 4:33 Seconds

5. UpBoard Basics Changing Rotation, Be-Back Tracking, Overflow, Changing Sale to Older Date, Splits and Salesperson Activity – 5:32 Seconds

6. How to Change Rotation, Repeat Customer Feature, Customer Details/Employee Actions, Daily To Do Lists, Email Benefits, Next Item Needed (how to dramatically increase your sales). 7:39 seconds

7. IGE “Information Gathering Efficiency” Report 3:16 seconds

8. RPG “Revenue Per Guest” Analytics 3:46 seconds

9. BABTA “Below Average Brought to Average” 2:36 seconds

10. Performance Summary Reporting 2:56 seconds

11. Performance Letter “for each sales associate” 3:30 seconds

12. Sales Goals Easy Setup 7:35 seconds

13. Setup of Employees UpBoard CRM (3m 14s)

14. UpBoard Setup Products, Advertising, Steps of the Sale Store Hours and Performance Summary Setup (5m 41s)

15. Customer Texting Unlimited Qty