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1a. Furniture Training TraxSALESforce Automation CRM and Visual Proof
1b. Jewelry Training TraxSALESforce Automation CRM and Visual Proof
1. Basic Usage, Entering Opportunities – Video 1 (13 Minutes)
2. Be-Backs/Personal Trade Video (7 mins)
3. Introducing TRAXsales UpBoard To Your Sales Associates
4. Setup Sales Team UpBoard CRM Basics
5. Import From POS training doc – Doc 7
6. How to turn Trax into a money making machine with IGE and NIN

6a. Letter to NiN

7. New Feature Daily To Do List [Add Action]
2 Minute Animation of TraxSALESforce Automation-CRM UpBoard

8. New TraxSales UpBoard Upgrade for Customer Details and Email Module
9. Manager Training how to edit Visual Proof Pictures
10. VP Training Page
11. Upboard Setup Management Basics – Doc 2
12. Have A Question? Use Traxsales Audio Training By Dave Mink. It’s Easy Listening, Even While Driving. Try It Now!
13. Room Design Profile Template – Customize and print, front and back – Doc 4
14. TRAX Management Checklist – Doc 5
15. Motivating Your Sales Team – Video 2 (4 Minutes)
16. CRM Additional features Video 4 (17 Minutes)
17. Salesperson Agreement – Doc 6
18. Managers Users Guide for Online UpBoard System
19. Goal Reports
20. Trax Weekly Goal Spiff Contest
21. Store Management UpBoard Import from POS and Visual Proof Introduction
22. Red is not good! If you see red on your traffic analysis page click it and fix it!

23. How to Use BABTA “Below Average Brought to Average” analytics to improve sales and profits on every sales floor immediately!
24. NOW YOU CAN HOLD YOUR ADVERTISERS ACCOUNTABLE FOR POOR PERFORMANCE and ‘receive make goods’ when your advertisers screw up!
25. Secret that the top Home Furnishings salespeople do not want anyone to know – Doc 8
26. Overview of benifits of the upboard – Doc 9
27. Import from POS procedures.
28. Visual Proof v2 for new clients.
29. UpBoard Brochure
30. Intro to TRAXsales AWS Platform
31. Why TraxSales can fail without the owner spending 3-5 minutes each week using BABTA and IGE reporting.
32. TraxSales: Making Your Opportunities Count! How to Increase Sales by 15-25%!

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Greeter Setup Training Page

Greeter Q Video For Wireless

Greeter Q Wireless Presentation

Greeter Q Video For Jewelers

Greeter Q Jewelers Presentation

Dave’s Visual Proof Presentation
Dave’s UpBoard Presentation

30 Min Conversation w Dave About How to Maximize the CRM UpBoard

UpBoard Instructions in Spanish by Abner Muniz
I could have saved Heilig Meyers, Levits

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Visual Proof & UpBoard Dealer And Showroom Setup Form
Earn Extra Money! Refer a friend to TraxSales for 5% of the sale.
2 questions that a rep should ask every dealer before talking about TraxSales
9 week marketing campaign for outside sales reps
“UpBoard Orientation Training Single Store Furniture Dealer” Ruby Gordon Home Furnishings
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