Door Traffic Counters

Looking for the most accurate retail door traffic counter? TRAXSales Visual Proof2 is the best & only choice. It is considered one of the most powerful and accurate management tools in the retail world. Learn more 

Analytical Reporting

TraxSales helps you take guessing out of the equation. Our automatically generated reports will turn store data into insights. Increase your business profits & sales with real time analytics. Learn more

Technical Support

If you need help with anything regarding our retail door counter systems, we are at your service.  From day 1 we will provide training and support to ensure that your TRAXSales system is working properly. Learn more

Understand the Data

Installing the Retail Store Traffic Counting System is only step one.  We will walk you through the more than 25 reports to help you understand and act on the data collected to ensure growth in sales revenue. Learn more 

How TRAXSales Increases Sales & Lowers Overhead


With your TraxSales traffic counter & analytical reports, dig deep into your marketing, sales, & traffic patterns to maximize revenues and minimize expenses.



The numbers and data provided by the TRAX retail people counting system and CRM can be beneficial to many aspects of your retail business.

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