People Counting

People Counting Solution

The most accurate retail traffic counter on the market!

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Traffic count

Using our high-definition cameras you will be able to track your customer count in real-time. As well as remove ALL non-customer traffic activity.

Sales analytics

Learn your true closing ratio for your store and for each individual salesperson.

Overflow Text Alert

Instantly recieve a text alert when your store enter overflow. Giving you the chance to send additional associates to the floor to assist with the influx in customers.

Identify Hot zones

Learn what hours and days are your busiest times through the month.

Optimize Staffing

Using the automatically emailed staffing report you'll be able to optimize your sales floor by the hour. No longer will you need to guess which hours need more or less salespeople!

Opportunity tracking

Assign customers directly to the salesperson that worked with them. Holding them accountable for every opportunity that walks through your doors.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we can work with any number of entrances and synchronize the data onto one dashboard. 

Absolutely! After becoming a client you’ll be assigned a personal consultant and technician. They will both assist you and your team in making this a money making machine!

Of course! We use a read only program that allows us to pull only the data we need. We can even set up an API, so you can use the traffic data within your own program! (manually importing is also an option)

If you have an entrance that needs tracked, then we are the company you’ve been looking for! No matter your industry!

The plug-and-play set up is so easy that my team can remotely walk you through the process. Saving you the time and money dealing with a 3rd party company!