People Counting Beyond The Sale

Retail stores don’t get successful overnight and dreams are just ideas until you iron out a plan to achieve them. Anyone can have a dream but it takes guts to go after them. Do you have big dreams for your retail store? Do you want an accurate way to people count and measure the impact of your marketing strategies and promotional materials? It doesn’t matter what kind of retail store you have, if people aren’t interested or if you’re not marketing effectively, it will show in your pocket.  So many retail store owners don’t know the impact that their store can make with the right technology. Business owners aren’t aware of the opportunities they miss without a proper people counter in their stores.  Customers are the lifeblood of a retail store, if store owners miss the mark and start thinking of their customers as numbers instead of humans they are dead in the water. Installing a people counter will allow owners and their staff to have data-driven insight into what makes their customers tick. This technology will allow owners to make decisions based on shopping trends and their customers’ motivations. People counters will not only allow you insight into the minds of your customers but into the minds of your salespeople as well. This technology will allow you to ask yourself what your dreams are and more than that help your dreams become attainable. 


Motivated Marketing with  People Counters 


 Business owners can see what works best for their store and their customers with people counting technology. It’s one thing to count your customer traffic, it is quite another to measure your customer’s experience. The accuracy of a people counter can start a domino effect within a retail store. People counting technology will help you reach your sales goals and boost morale in your stores. If stores market to their target audience, have specific goals in mind for their salespeople and nurture that feeling of familiarity throughout the marketing and promotions, they have a better chance of turning the target audience into actual customers and then turn customers into frequent shoppers.  Regardless of what their shopping for, shopping in and of itself is an emotional experience. A great advertising campaign can elicit strong emotional responses. The key emotion that most retailers are after, is desire. If a retailer doesn’t hone in on that desire and use it to their advantage they have a higher risk of losing out on a potential customer. People counters provide retailers with the data they need to reach out to existing customers and potential through updated marketing campaigns.  People counters allow a retailer to use existing customer data to help them create marketing strategies that will not only bring in new customers but help them stay relevant to existing customers. People counting technology helps retailers understand customer motivations by allowing them to study the way their customer’s  shop.

The Gateway to Salespeople 

There are a million reasons customers shop and turning a quick shopping trip into a personalized experience may be one of them.  People counting technology allows for a rapport to be built between a customer and a salesperson that may not have been there before. This technology allows salespeople to hone in on customers’ likes and dislikes and provide them with a shopping experience that is tailored to their specific shopping habits and allows salespeople and retailers to obtain greater insight which can then be used to strengthen promotions and marketing campaigns. Furthermore, people counters offer retailers valuable information, not just about customers, but overall store performance. Monitoring peak hours is a feature that helps salespeople see if their sales floor is staffed correctly. Installing a people counter can help retailers avoid common staffing blunders such as being overstaffed or understaffed, which can lead to unwanted and completely avoidable stress on a sales floor. A  potential customer is more likely to avoid a retail store if it is crowded and if a store is overstaffed the sales floor is prone to overcrowding which could lead to customers taking their business elsewhere leaving retailers bereft in a sea of their staff.  

The difference between having a quick trip to a retail store and an experience is the people-counting technology. By having a clear goal with targeted advertising and helping customers in-store retailers can forge a deeper connection with their customer base.  Customer data also gives retailers insight into the trends and purchasing habits of their customers. People counters allow customers to build a stronger bond with retailers beyond the sale. People counters add a new level of sophistication to retail stores and customer service, which is often lost amidst the plethora of features in today’s stores. In the retail sector, retailers have an opportunity to showcase what outstanding customer service should look like, and with a people counter, retailers are more likely to learn from their past mistakes so that the future of their store has an opportunity to shine. 

To Manage and Measure 

When salespeople like their jobs and can enhance their performance on a sales floor with obtainable goals and a tangible reward system in which salespeople can keep up with how many sales they closed on personally would create an atmosphere of healthy, fun competition in the sales floor.  The reports that people counting technology can generate not only help the store owners but can also help cultivate motivation and friendships in the workplace. People counting technology can help your store strengthen company culture in new and exciting ways.

Number of opportunities by salesperson

Not only will this technology bring new customers in, but it will also help salespeople see that they are needed. Installing a people counter in a retail store will not only help salespeople reach their goals and will inspire them to find new ways to be a better sales team as a whole. Installing a people counter can aid a sales team in their business endeavors, by providing you with invaluable sales data and statistics that can lead to higher conversion rates and a substantial increase in revenue. People counters are an incredibly powerful marketing tool for retailers. By utilizing the full range of a people counter, retailers are provided with a unique way to analyze their sales performance and help pinpoint weaknesses in their marketing strategies. With people counters, retailers can gain insights that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. This data can be used to optimize strategies, resulting in increased sales and improved overall customer experience. People counters are a unique tool that retailers can use to gain insight into their sales performance. 

Perception of People Counts 


By leveraging the full range of features afforded by a people counter, retailers can identify weaknesses in their current marketing strategies and develop solutions that will provide them with long-term benefits. People counters provide an array of data points including staffing reports, salesperson benchmarks, and conversion ratios. This data can be used to generate informative reports and actionable insights that can be used to make informed decisions about marketing, operations, and other areas of the business. Accurate people counters are becoming increasingly important for retail stores. They can provide a variety of insights, such as foot traffic, customer demographics, and customer behavior. People counters can also be used to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and their impact on customer behavior. In addition, people counters can provide valuable data about customer satisfaction and loyalty. With this data, retailers can better understand their customers and design their stores accordingly. People counters can also be used to optimize the layout of a store and ensure that customers can move around the store quickly and easily. People counting technology can help retailers increase their sales and better serve their customers. Having access to all sorts of customer data through a people counter will help retailers and salespeople grasp the importance of the individual sales they make. Installing a people counter will help retailers be better salespeople. 


The Social Aspect


The invention of social media has helped retailers remain relevant and fresh in a customer’s mind and has helped retailers retain loyal customers as well as new customer opportunities.  The digital age has given retailers the tools they need to reach out to customers directly and created an entirely new platform interaction. Customers can tell brands their likes and dislikes directly instead of retailers having to play guessing games.  Social media has enabled retailers to reach out to customers in an unprecedented way and to develop relationships with them. It has also enabled them to get feedback from customers and learn more about their target market. Additionally, social media has allowed retailers to stay up to date with the latest trends, allowing them to create more innovative products and services. This has helped them stay competitive in the market, as well as retain loyal customers. Furthermore, social media has enabled retailers to gain more exposure, attracting new customers and helping to increase their customer base. Customers want a personalized shopping experience and thanks to the invention of social media, retailers are expanding their reach and interacting with individuals and urging them to come in. Nowadays customers are given exclusive online coupons to use on their next purchase in-store. Shoppers are finding themselves online more and more often. People counters help create a bridge between online shopping and in-store. People counters help retailers update their marketing strategies and help guide them through the marketing sphere by giving them the proper tools to use customer data to their advantage. Nowadays everyone has a smartphone, all customers have to do is download an app to their phone and have products tailored to fit their prefences available to browse in the store, so that they know exactly what they need and don’t have to search high and low to get it. Social media has revolutionized the way customers shop, and people counters are instrumental in helping customers understand their shopping patterns.  


The Performance of a Lifetime 


People counters are a great way to measure the performance of your store. With the data gathered from people counters, you can accurately monitor the number of people entering and exiting your store, the amount of time they spend in the store, and their return rate. This information can help you identify areas of improvement and optimize your store’s performance. Additionally, you can use the data gathered from people counters to determine the most profitable areas of the store and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. By using people counters, you can ensure that your store is performing at its best. Retail conversion rates are an important metric to measure success in the retail industry. It is a measure of how many customers enter the store, and how many of those customers make a purchase. Conversion rates can tell store owners and managers what works and what doesn’t in terms of customer engagement and product offerings. For example, if a store has a low conversion rate, it could mean that the store is not offering the right products or services, or that the store is not engaging customers in the right way. By understanding conversion rates, retailers can make better business decisions about what products to offer and how to engage customers. People counting technology allows retailers and their sales teams to personalize their approach based on what their customers want and what’s best for the store. Conversion ratios are important for retail stores because they provide insight into how successful their marketing strategies and campaigns are. Conversion ratios help retail stores identify which strategies are working, and which are not. By looking at the conversion rates, retailers can make adjustments to their marketing plans and campaigns to ensure they are reaching their target audience, and converting customers into sales. Conversion ratios also provide retailers with an idea of how much money they are making from each customer, as well as how much money they are spending on marketing and advertising. This can help them to budget more effectively and ensure that their campaigns are profitable.

Track your People Counting Performance with TRAX

At TRAX we believe that if you can measure something, you can manage it easily. With a nearly 100% accurate customer count rate and the ability to see when your store is understaffed or overstaffed as well as short-term and long-term traffic comparisons, and detailed customer data reports along with many more that are designed to help your business succeed. Traxsales will work with you to improve your business and help you increase your overall sales! Give us a call today!