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Dave Mink

Owner TraxSales

We believe we can help you increase sales by 15-25% in the first 90 days or we give you a full refund. As a matter of fact if you’re not completely delighted with the more than 25 conversion ratio or staffing comparison reports we provide you, or you’re not happy with anything that we do for any reason at all we will cheerfully refund your money!


Joe Dryer

High-Tech Developer

Joe earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering. He has worked in numerous fields including lighting controls, computer systems, data acquisition systems, embedded control systems, piezoelectric and thermoelectric device design, embedded gas flow measurement, micro-controller hardware and software, and product marketing.


Dave Lambert

High-Tech Developer

He contributed to the original development of GPS receiver software and the Linux operating system. In his past he has worked with Daniel, Tolkheim FSCI, Anadrill/Schlumberger and Westinghouse. He has worked extensively in oil production technology and industrial control system software.


Derek Alfonso

Master Programmer

A computer magician with code. Derek is the support you need to make sure everything stays as secure as possible while still allowing for ease of use of your TRAXsales system. If you have any technical issues with coding or if you need a techie to take a look into the system at your retail store. He’ll get it resolved.


Jacob Merwin

Office Janitor & Tech Overlord & Server Admin

Available to help all of our wonderful customers with any training or site needs. He is your contact if  you have any questions or concerns with the TRAXSales products. If you need training he is your man.


Kenton Merwin

Import Training Manager

His responsibility is to train everyone on how to import the sales they make into the system when the UpBoard system is not used. Provides basic training and can setup your units for maximum efficiency.


Charlie M.

Tech Support Guru

Here to fix all your camera issues from the camera being out of focus to adjusting your lines for a perfect incoming count. He can assist you with any technical support issue you may have with the system.


Dan Stafford

Shipping Manager/Build Specialist

He is here at your service if you have any issues with a product that was shipped or have any questions on how to set up the devices in your store. Feel Free to get in touch with him with any shipment inquiries.

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