Level The Playing Field With eCommerce

The rise of online shopping has led to a wealth of data that retailers can use to improve their business. However, brick-and-mortar stores have traditionally been at a disadvantage when it comes to data. With the Trax People Counter, retailers can now access the same data online stores have used to improve their performance.

When it comes to data, brick-and-mortar stores have traditionally only had access to basic metrics such as dollar volume, average sale, and number of sales. With the Trax People Counter, retailers can now access a wealth of additional data including customer information, conversion rates, marketing ROI, and traffic patterns.

One of the key benefits of this data is the ability to identify products that aren’t converting and eliminate ineffective marketing channels. This can lead to more effective marketing campaigns and increased sales. Additionally, retailers can use data on traffic patterns to optimize store layout and increase conversion rates.

Another important aspect of this data is the ability to follow up with unsold customers. By understanding which customers didn’t make a purchase, retailers can target these customers with personalized marketing campaigns and potentially turn them into loyal customers.

Overall, the Trax People Counter provides brick and mortar retailers with the data they need to effectively manage marketing, staffing, and overall sales performance. It allows them to level the playing field with online stores and take their business to the next level. To learn more about how the Trax People Counter can benefit your business, visit TraxSales website for more information.

Here Are 20 Great Tips to Compete Against eCommerce Retailers

  1. Collect data on customer behavior and preferences using tools like the Trax People Counter.
  2. Use data to identify products that aren’t selling well and discontinue them.
  3. Optimize store layout to increase conversion rates.
  4. Use data to identify and target unsold customers with personalized marketing campaigns.
  5. Offer in-store pickup for online orders to attract customers who want their items immediately.
  6. Offer a loyalty program to incentivize repeat customers.
  7. Offer unique, in-store only products that can’t be found online.
  8. Provide exceptional customer service to differentiate from online shopping experience.
  9. Host events or classes in-store to attract customers.
  10. Offer free gift wrapping or other added services.
  11. Use social media to connect with customers and promote in-store sales and events.
  12. Offer financing or leasing options to customers.
  13. Have knowledgeable and helpful staff to assist customers with their purchases.
  14. Offer try-before-you-buy options for certain products.
  15. Offer price matching or price-beat guarantees to compete on price.
  16. Offer free or discounted shipping for in-store pickup.
  17. Use augmented reality technology to enhance the in-store shopping experience.
  18. Use virtual reality to give customers a preview of products.
  19. Use AI-powered chatbots to assist customers with their inquiries.
  20. Partner with other local businesses to cross-promote and drive foot traffic to your store.

Had Enough?

Are you tired of feeling at a disadvantage against online retailers? Are you looking for a way to gain a competitive edge and drive more foot traffic to your physical store? Look no further than TraxSales and our state-of-the-art People Counting software. Our software uses advanced sensors and cameras to accurately track the number of people entering and exiting your store in real-time. This valuable data can be used to optimize staffing levels, identify peak shopping times, and analyze customer behavior patterns. With this powerful tool, you’ll have the insights you need to make informed business decisions and create a more engaging in-store experience. By reaching out to TraxSales today, you’ll be taking the first step towards leveling the playing field and keeping your customers coming back for more. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize the way you manage your business and stay ahead of the competition.