Dear Trax Associates,

I wanted to make sure we were using the NIN function properly so that every minute you spend using Trax pays you back in the future.

It came to my attention that sometimes many people may not be using the next item needed to maximize opportunities and to keep accurate score of potential next item needed customer activity.

NIN should only be used after a sale has been made. You don’t want to create a next item needed if you have never sold them anything before. You should use the Employee Actions to follow up with unsold customers.

I am here if you ever have any questions or concerns about best practices for Trax… My personal cell is 713.854.7706 and I encourage you to call me with any questions. My only goal is to help you smash your pest personal sales record and then do it again every 6 months.

It just takes passion from you to get started on the right path then it gets easier and easier each month and then next thing you know your sales have just doubled…