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713-466-7177 The Secret That The Top Salespeople in the World Don’t Want You To Know!“Next Item Needed” The “NIN” Next Item Needed is the heart of TRAX and if used properly can and will dramatically increase your sales! NIN is a concept that is foreign to most salespeople, but it is the secret that the […]

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Elementor #38027

713-466-7177 IGE “Information Gathering Efficiency” and how it will immediately and dramatically improve performance… Dear Trax Family and Leadership Teams, IGE or Information Gathering Efficiency is a report Trax created to help identify which sales associates are not very good at capturing customer information if a sale is not made. Let’s face it if you […]

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Private Sale

713-466-7177 Make an extra Million per store Shape Follow These Steps 1. Purchase a big screen TV with great appeal in a good looking Box. Sams or Costco always have great deals 65 inch for as low as $280. Leave the TV in the Box and display it close to the front door with a […]

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Barnes Jewelers Testimonial

713-466-7177 Stephen Barnes CEO of Barnes JEwelers & Jewelry Consultant Stephen is a successful business owner and consultant within the Jewelry industry. He has been using the Trax People Counting software for over 3-years and has kindly shared his experience with us so far! Read below for more! Stephen’s Testimonial Please give us a brief […]

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713-466-7177 Real-Time People Counter Operating since 1996 The easiest and most accurate customer counting solution on the market. Our camera-based software provides a unique and powerful way to create traffic data. Request a Demo Real-TimeOccupancy For keeping you, your employees, and your clients safe. free With the purchase of a people counter   Learn More […]

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People Counting

713-466-7177 People Counting Solution Overview The most accurate retail traffic counter on the market! Benefits Request a Demo Click here rEAL-TIME tRAFFIC cOUNT TIME STAMPED PHOTOS OF EVERY OPPORTUNITY THAT ENTERS YOUR STORE SALES ACCOUNTABILITY MONITOR EXACTLY HOW MANY OPPORTUNITIES EACH SALESPERSON HAS WORKED WITH. remove non-customers Easily identify and remove all non-opportunites from your […]

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Occupancy Safety Solution

713-466-7177 Occupancy Solution Overview The Real-Time Occupancy solution will help you easily comply with the new government regulations and help you follow the social distancing protocol. However, the benefits don’t end there! Benefits Track your store occupancy in real-time Optimize staffing for hours with peak occupancy Easily comply with social distancing guidelines Alert staff when […]

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Letter to NiN

713-466-7177 Letter to NIN Next Item Needed Dear Store Managers, I wanted to discuss Next item Needed options and talk about why next item needed is one of the most powerful tools you could ever employ at your location. Trax already has great tools to use for following up with unsold customers.  The first Action box in […]

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TRAXSales Testimonials

713-466-7177 TraxSales Testimonials Click Here to Leave Your Own Testimonial! With Trax nothing slips through the cracks and we are monitoring and putting our best foot forward on each and every opportunity we have. We have had the door counter in for almost a year but just recently put in the opportunity tracker & CRM. […]

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