People counting

The Visual Proof People Counter is the most accurate solution on the market. Capture high definition photos of every opportunity entering your store, and easily remove the non-customer traffic!

Retail up system

Seamlessly manager you sales rotations, and give your salespeople all the tools they need to be successful!

Real-Time Occupancy

Maintain a safe occupancy level for your salespeople and your customers!

Mr.Broadnax said. "Sales were up 11 percent in January 2020, and 25% in February -over $700,000"
The only way to improve your bottom line is to track it, measure it and put strategies in place to improve it.The Trax system is the right tool to help you accomplish all 3 of these things. It is a no brainer. Just do it!

how are we different?


24 years of experience

TraxSales has been helping retailers track customers, optimize staffing, monitor marketing performance, and increase sales for over two decades


Unparalleled Customer Service

Our team will work tirelessly to make sure you succeed using our solutions! You'll even be assigned a personal consultant and tech for your account!


Cloud based

All your information is stored with Amazon Web Services. Guaranteeing that your data is secure


Analytics You can trust

Our traffic counting accuracy is easily verified and provides the peace of mind that you can trust the data



The solution is guaranteed to pay for itself MANY times over or your money back!


Made in the U.S.A

The TraxSales devices are made in Houston Texas! Your support lines are also all in the U.S!

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It has never been easier to increase your store's performance!