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1000s of Stores Choose TraxSales to Count and Monitor their Customer Traffic

“I have seen an increase in everything and 25% is an understatement” (Matt Jirak, Corner Furniture)


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People Counter

Count and monitor your customer foot traffic in retail using retails #1 People Counting software!


For a seamless sales rotation and for capturing unsold customer information. Full integration with the Smart People Counter.
  • Near 100% Accurate Customer Count 
  • Live Staffing Analysis w/ Understaffed Alerts
  • Short-Term & Long-Term Traffic Comparisons
  • Detailed Conversion Analytics
  • Automatic Sales Rotation 
  • Capture Unsold Customer Information
  • Conversion Analytics by Product Category
  • Personalized Performance Letters
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“I did an extra million dollars in each of my 5 stores in Texas because of the TraxSales UpBoard and Visual Proof People Counter.

Bobby Broadnax, Owner of La-Z-Boy.

The only way to improve your bottom line is to track it, measure it and put strategies in place to improve it. The Trax system is the right tool to help you accomplish all 3 of these things. It is a no brainer. Just do it! 

Stephen Barnes, Owner of Barnes Jewelers & ERA Consultant

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