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LOW END (inexpensive) Traffic Counter Comparison

The difference between a low end traffic counter and a OUR reasonably priced triple lens system is that we connect to your computer and give you long term comparisons and reports.

With Low End:

  • A cheap counter counts every count coming in and every count going back out.  A family of 5 is going to give you 10 counts.  Our system gives you only one count coming in and zero going back out..

  • Your counts continue to be added on a little screen that Someone has to read and record the count at the same time every day.  If they forget you may have two or three days counted into one.

  • With a low end counter you lose the ability to measure actual traffic counts per hour and a valuable comparison of customer traffic compared to the number of salespeople available.

  • Probably the biggest disadvantage to purchasing a low end traffic counter is that as a retailer you want to count only buying opportunities and not each person coming and going.  For example a husband, wife and three children will count a total of 10 counts with a low end system, 5 entering and 5 leaving.   With our counter you get only one single count.  We can also be set to count each person as well, if you like.

Why our Tri-Beam PC Integrated Counter:

  • We have a 90-day buy back guarantee.  If our counter doesn't help you become more productive, just send it back, we will refund your money less installation costs if we do it for you and you can still get the cheap counter.

  • Your time is worth a great deal.  Do you realize that if you spend 7 minutes a day transferring the counts manually to a spread sheet for analysis this equals over 40 hrs a year.  What is your time worth an hour?  Over 10 years...Wow.  Wouldn't you rather be doing something more productive and let us do the number crunching and provide you the analysis.

  • Over time our automated system will save you money and teach you more about the heartbeat of your company than you can believe.  You will learn traffic per hour averages and accurate closing ratios.  Staffing comparisons per hour compared to the number of customers and much much more.

  • Measuring your traffic is one of the most important benchmarks you can ever study to determine your level of opportunity and potential improvement.

Product Comparisons by Counter Type

    Infrared direct beams

    When the beam is broken or interrupted a count occurs.  It is captured either by computer for perpetual tracking of hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual analysis or by a simple counter that keeps a single increasing number.  The disadvantage with the simple rolling number counter device is that it does not track hourly and if the count is not physically viewed and recorded at the same time every day the counts merge and are rendered ineffective.  It is also more difficult to determine and measure trends like the cause and affect of outside business issues such as advertising effectiveness compared to traffic or closing ratios for the day or week.  Of course the biggest advantage with long-term measurement is determining if traffic flow is getting better or worse and also comparing traffic patterns to staffing coverage.

    There are several types of products.  The most basic is a single beam, which counts every time the beam is broken.  In other words you receive a count when someone enters, and when they leave.  If a family of four enters there will be a total of eight counts.  There are programs that divide your total count by two, which means if you want to count a family of four as one buying opportunity the true correct count is inflated by 400%.  OUR Counter can be set up to either count a family as one opportunity, or so that it counts each person who enters.  If you want to count a family as one opportunity OUR Counter has a patented four-second delay, which counts a group as one opportunity.  Our system is also clever enough to know if your customer is coming or going.  When they are leaving OUR Counter microprocessor makes them invisible and there is no count, thus a family of four has only one total count.  Furthermore if you are attempting to compare your hourly staffing to your customer traffic you will have a much more accurate number with OUR Counter because if another system is simply dividing your total count by two, you do not have an accurate count regarding the number of entries per hour.

    Words by our President and founder, being a retailer all my life I understand that we all receive a certain quantity of non-customer activity such as the mailman, UPS driver, employees going to lunch, outside sales reps making calls and much more.  OUR Counter has a built in schedule of average non-customer activity, which is automatically subtracted throughout the week.  These elements make OUR Counter system the most accurate you can buy today.  OUR Counter even provides a one-year technology guarantee with toll free support and automatic updates if a new feature is added.  

    It is said by some that OUR Counter infrared system is inaccurate because it can be easily blocked.  This statement is true but the simple fact remains that if the entry is blocked the customer canít get in either.  In most instances there is a door, which opens and closes and if a sign (for example) is in front of the beams it would also impede the door because the beam system is mounted on the door frame inches from the action area.  We are also developing a feature, which emits a tone if the system is blocked for more than three minutes.

    Another interesting feature, which is included with OUR Counter, is a door chime that the customers cannot hear.  This chime only goes off when a customer enters and is silent when they leave.  It also has a different sound for each entrance if you have multiple entrances and can be turned completely off if you desire.  This chime is also an excellent way to insure that your system is functioning properly because it is very easy to observe the traffic and make sure the chime matches the actual incoming activity.

    We believe that beam technology is the most affordable and most accurate you can purchase today and we believe we can convincingly prove it. 

    Another issue with infrared is the affect that direct sunlight has on an infrared beam system.  Although it is true that a high degree of direct sunlight can create a ghost count if intense enough.  We have experimented with numerous optical systems from Honeywell, Omron International and others.  We discovered diodes, which are nearly impervious to this issue, though we cannot disclose this manufacturing source; we are (as outlined below) willing to put our money where our mouth is.

    Infrared passive detection

    The problem is that even if you do not enter but simply walk within 4-6 feet of the entry you will be counted.  Because the passive infrared signal is conical (up to two meters in front of the entry, children playing close to the entry will be sometimes erroneously counted dozens of times.  OUR Counter is line of sight and is mounted 60Ē high so young children are not a factor.  Even if a passive infrared system is smart enough to be programmed to only count if there is a detection over a certain height, erroneous counts will always occur if for example, a display is too close to an entrance and a customer walks through this area.  Have you ever walked past an automatic door and had it accidentally open?   Another major issue with passive infrared systems is winter climates where customers wear thick clothing and are not counted if they are colder than room temperature.  These detectors are also sensitive to quick temperature changes from heat vents and direct sunlight.  Also if there is a wider than six foot expanse you are sometimes required to purchase multiple counters and are subject to double counts if a patron walks down the center of both counting areas.

    Microwave (radar) detection systems

    On top of the issues discussed earlier police radar detectors and active cellular telephones also affect these types of counts.

    Camera detection systems

    Camera and software systems that count with any degree of accuracy can cost 10-15 times more than OUR Counter triple beam system, plus very expensive periodic maintenance is sometimes required of at least once a quarter to recalibrate the system.

    This system is also susceptible to any building vibrations such as passing traffic, HVAC turning on and off, doors closing hard and parking lot speed bumps taken too fast.

    Sunlight and image washout is also an issue particularly during the hours before sunset.  Also all but the most expensive camera systems are not accurate if the entry lighting is poor or if the guest being counted is wearing light clothing.   Other minor issues from low-end systems are if a shadow is being cast or if the patron is bald and is casting a reflection.  Wider entrances also may require multiple cameras and on top of additional cost if the patron splits the difference it will result in inaccurate counts unless the calibration is perfect and maintained periodically.

    OUR Traffic reporting systems

    Hourly Analysis (line graph and text)
    Staffing Analysis*
    PPO Performance Per Opportunity*
    Opportunity Comparisons*
    Graphical Analysis (six reports)
    Weekly Comparisons
    Traffic Count
    Store Hours
    Mail Man Factor
    Traffic History
    Network Setup

    The hourly counts can also be exported easily to another database and manipulated as you see fit.

    OUR Counter may be synchronized with the OUR UpBoard (Customer Relationship Management) system if this is a program you also own.  FYI this is a program which tracks activity on unsold and sold customer contacts.  OUR Counter measures performance levels (individual closing ratios) and automates the follow-up activity of retail salespeople on the sales floor. 

    Scientific Specifications

    Infrared (IR): The region of the electromagnetic spectrum bounded by the long-wavelength extreme of the visible spectrum (approximately 0.7m) and the shortest microwaves (approximately 0.1 mm).

    We hope to work with you and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.  We have a 90-day unconditional money back guarantee.  If for any reason you are not totally delighted with OUR Counter we will cheerfully refund your purchase price.

    Because OUR Counter is also one single small box mounted on one side of your entry total installation takes typically less than three hours and can be completed by a warehouse helper, saving you in some cases thousands of dollars in installation charges.  We will also be delighted to perform this installation for you at a very reasonable charge.

    Engineering Design Features and Comparisons.

    We are proud to announce changes in our traffic
    counter technology that will improve accuracy and performance .

    Breakaway Engineering in 2005 has helped us totally
    redesigned the brains and optics of our traffic counter system.

    The new features added are:

    Feature...Better Optics that focus on a tighter frequency.
    Benefit...Eliminates outside interference such as headlight distortion or
    direct sunlight causing innacuracy.

    Feature...Solid Alignment Programming
    Benefit...Very easy installation and solid beam connectivity insuring the
    highest accuracy possible.

    Feature...Automatic gain control the existing counter is effected by ambient
    lighting changes.
    Benefit...Your new counter will automatically adjust to any lighting issue..

    Feature...More efficient power management so the beams are stronger using less
    Benefit...Better performance and more money in your pocket.

    Feature...Diagnostic capability
    Benefit...If something does go wrong we are able to identify the problem and
    fix it without touching the hardware.

    Engineering Specifications

    1.      IR detector is a diode rather than an opto-transistor and less prone to saturation and with a higher frequency response.
    2.      The higher frequency operation allows signal modulation at a rate more than seven times higher, with an additional secondary modulation at 1.2 KHz.
    3.      The signal undergoes an electronic automatic gain circuit to compensate for detector variations.
    4.      The received signal is demodulated through a very narrow band pass filter, allowing a small fraction of noise signal through to the measuring system compared to the previous circuit.
    5.      A more sophisticated algorithm reduces false counts by correlating both the entry and the exit from the beam network to authorize a valid count.


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